Ffp3 face mask

Designed for use in healthcare settings, this ffp3 face mask provides respiratory protection to the wearer by filtering out high levels of airborne particulates.  This FFP3 Face Mask features an exhalation valve which reduces the heat build-up inside of the mask and which is shrouded to capture any airborne particles in exhaled air and protect others in the vicinity like a surgical mask.


• Disposable respirator to help protect wearer from airborne particulates
• Fold-flat design allows easy storage and transport
• Valve effectively removes heat build-up to aid comfort and reduce misting of eyewear
• Valve is shrouded to capture particles in exhaled air and protect those around you
• Soft foam is comfortable next to the skin
• Innovative chin tab makes it easy to put on and adjust the position of the face mask while wearing

ffp3 face mask

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